Online Store Setup

The time required to build your online store depends on your requirements. The minimum time will be 2 weeks and the maximum will be defined by your requirements & choices.

Shopify theme selection, changes on the theme, graphic design needs and social media and other integrations will affect the time required. If your site content and customer experience procedures are ready, it will shorten the time.


With the integration of a wholesale app your will be able to have price, discount differentiations and other features for your wholesale customers.

After the completion of the store and your approval, we will give you a training just before publishing your store. After the training your store will be published.

We will continue to support you in the operational transactions like adding products, order management, discount codes etc. for the following 10 days in case you need.

After this period, we will provide support in case of a problem occurence in your store or if you want to change something in your store or add a new fature.

Setup cost is one time cost and it will be calculated according to your needs. 50% of the setup fee will be paid in project start and the rest will be paid at project delivery.

Monthly fees are paid to Shopify. We select the best Shopify plan according to your store volume.

You can find the details of setup costs and Shopify plans here.

If we have to use an app for your store needs like wholesale store, also these apps may have monthly fees.

For options and what is included please click here.

Online Store Migration

To answer this questions your needs based on store performance, customer experience, visual enhancement, 3rd party integrations & operational costs should be analyzed. We can decide it according to the analysis results.

The time required for migration depends on your requirements. The minimum time will be 2 weeks and the maximum will be defined by your requirements & choices.

Number of products and customers in your current store, app integrations and graphic design needs will be used to define the time required.


We will build you new store in Shopify and because it is a separate platform there will be no interruption. There may be a very short interruption during domain transfer only and most probably your customers will not notice.

Whenever you want.

In any case, it is better to consider it is better to consider seasonality of your product range, traffic load on your store and behavior of your customers before making the change.

If your current platform lets you to export your product and customer data, all products and customer data will be transferred to Shopify without any data loss.

Also all pages, visuals and structure of your current store will be moved to Shopify.

The only data which cannot be transferred will be order history. On the other hand, we can create draft orders for the unfulfilled orders in your current store so you can continue to take necessary action in your new store.