Costs are perhaps the most confusing part when deciding to set up your online store. You may encounter tables full of features that are unknown whether they are needed or not, and you may not know whether the costs are one-time or periodic.

In order to simplify this as much as possible, we have tried to explain the turnkey costs without crowding the tables below by not adding the features that should be by default.

When calculating costs, our most important advice is to calculate costs for at least 3 or 5 years, not just installation or first year costs.

We can list online store costs under 3 headings:
One time setup costs
Monthly Shopify membership fee ve comission
Other monthly and yearly costs

One time cost


The online store setup fee is a one-time fee, charged only at the beginning, and covers all parts from project planning to turnkey solution delivery.

The setup fee is clarified according to your requests and sent to you with our offer. Half of the setup fee is paid at the beginning of the project, and the remaining half is paid at the delivery of the project.

There are 3 options for online store setup ;


Everything you need to start selling online


Startup package
premium theme & product upload


Standard package
marketplace integration & web app and database for your brand

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Monthly fee


At Shopify, you pay your online store's membership fee monthly with your credit card. Packages are non-binding, you can change packages, freeze or stop your membership at any time.

For start-up online stores, our recommendation is to start with the 'Basic Shopify' package, so start-up costs can be kept lower.

With the Basic Shopify package, we add almost all of the features that are currently called 'Special' or 'Platinum' by many different platforms to your store.

Basic Shopify

29$ + VAT
%2 transaction fee


79$ + VAT
%1 transaction fee

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  • Domain cost : Depending on the address you choose for your online store, the annual fee varies between $15 - $50. It is paid once a year.
  • Payment system commission : The commission rates vary depending on the platform you have an agreement with for the payment method. The provider with Shopify integration for credit card collection is iyzico. Commission rates vary according to single payment or installment purchases.
  • The monthly or annual fees of the applications to be integrated according to the features you want to add to your online store. Some of these applications are free, while others are paid.
  • Logo and images to be designed if needed.