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Let's start building your online business today...

You believe in your product's sales potential and want to reach all potential customers all around the world. Whether you have a physşical store or not, we can start your online sales channel with Shopify.

Please, contact us if you need more details or have any questions...

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How to setup your online store?

online store setup steps online store setup steps Click here for more details...

How long it takes?

The time required to build your online store depends on your requirements. The minimum time will be 2 weeks and the maximum will be defined by your requirements & choices.

The table below indicates ´some assumptions´ of time needed to launch a typical online store based on my experience. 'Maximum' column of the table may be longer or shorter based on your requirements and conditions. Let me give some examples:

Development stage will be longer if you need branding and graphic design for your store. If your brand's logo, colours and other visuals are ready, it will be shorter.

Training step will be longer or shorter depending on the number of staff to be trained.

Steps Minimum Maximum
Domain selection 1 day 3 days
Platform selection 2 days 1 week
Development 1 week 3 weeks
Integration 2 days 1 week
Testing 2 days 1 week
Training & Launch 2 days 1 week

Contact us to create a project plan and timetable to launch your brand new online store...

Online Store Setup - more details

Defining your store name

As a first step we will decide your online store's the domain name which is one of the most important parts of your store. Your customers will reach you through it and it will be a part of your brand. This decision is very important because changing it after a while will be very difficult because of many reasons.

We have to make a decision about two things about your store's domain name, mid-level domain part and extension. Most probably, mid-level domain will be your brand name and we have options for the domain extension like

After selecting the best domain name for your store, we are ready for step 2...

Selecting the best platform for hosting your store

In this step we will select the platform to host your store and we have many options.

As a Shopify Partner, I recommend to host your store at Shopify but according to your needs we can evaluate all alternatives. I can develop your store on any e-commerce platform (like Wix, BigCommerce or Ecwid). There are many criteria to be evaluated during this selection and some them are;

  • Design Flexibility
  • Template options
  • E-Commerce tools
  • Reporting
  • Value For Money
  • Payment tools
  • Easiness to manage

Developing your online store

Ok, we selected the domain name and e-commerce platform of your store, now it is time to build it. Development of an online store includes a lot of stages

The template defines how your store's header, footer and body look and provides responsive design. It creates the customer journey on your store by shaping how your categories and products look, keeping your customer information, managing cart and payment options.
We can select ready to use templates provided by the e-commerce platform (paid or free) or start building from scratch.

The next stage is enhancing the template with the logo, visuals and colors of your brand. They will be the main identifiers for your customers to understand that they are visiting "your online store".
If you have not decided the colors, visuals or logo of your store yet and need help, you can visit branding & graphic design page.
The final stage of this step is SEO, Search Engine Optimization. It is very crucial for your online store to be found by your potential customers using search engines.


Your online store will not be alone, it has to be integrated with your other operational systems, marketing tools and social media accounts.

If you have a physical store or branches, stock management will be crucial. Your current stock management system can be integrated with your online store. Even if you do not have a stock management system, I can help you by developing a tool to integrate the stock management of your physical an online stores.

Integration of payment systems & methods with your store will depend on how you prefer to accept payments. Credit cards, paypal, bank transfer or any other payment methods can be integrated with your store.

Social media accounts (like twitter, instagram, facebook) of your brand and showing their presence in your online store will help to create a trust between your brand and the customers. We can encourage your customers to share their experience with your online store by integrating your social media accounts and your online store.

There are also other marketing tools like Facebook or Google Marketing which can be easily integrated with your online store and this way you can have different sales channels only by managing your online store.


This step may be the most crucial step of all before launch of your store.

First, as your developer I will test all of the functions and make fixings according to the findings. After my test, it will be your turn to make user (owner) acceptance test. I will provide you a test guide which will list all the functions to test and include some test scenarios. Of course, you are welcome to create your own cases and make some additional tests.

According to your findings, I will make the final fixings and your online store will be reasy to launch.

Training & Launch

Everything is ready and we can lauch the store for online shopping. But just before that, I will give you a training about the management console of your store and mobile application of the e-commerce platform.

When you feel comfortable about managing your store and have all the answers to your questions, we will launch the store and start selling online.